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Hey guys! Happy New Years Eve! It’s about that time of year again where I look back at the past year and reflect on some of the greatest moments of the year. I came into 2016 pretty broken. I was in the midst of dealing with a difficult breakup, I was stuck in a job that I could no longer stand, and I was about as miserable as could be.

2016 was by no means a perfect year. I’ve been battling a terrible illness for the past couple of months and was recently diagnosed with bronchitis. My beloved cat and friend, Gizmo also passed away at the ripe old approximate age of 21.


Rest in Peace…Gizmo

But overall, despite how many people claim that 2016 was their “worst year ever”, 2016 ended up being pretty good for me. Here 6 of my best moments from 2016.

  1. FINALLY going to NYC…(Twice, actually).


I have been obsessed with NYC ever since I was a little kid. I swear, I must have been born a city slicker. However, up until 2016 I’ve never actually been to NYC, my loved was based solely on what I read about it o seen on TV or in movies.

I had plans in the past to go. I was supposed to go to see the Statue of Liberty for a field trip in 7th grade, but when the terrorists attacked the twin towers on 9/11/2001 when I was in 6th grade, so naturally that field trip was cancelled.


I was also going to go on September 11, 2013 for a job interview I had with the Christian Post. However, at the time I wasn’t exactly in the same place as I am today with my faith. I was on the fence about the job and unsure about it being in NYC which was pretty far from where I lived. I received another job offer to work at a local SEO agency the day before my scheduled interview, so I decided to accept that job offer instead.


Fast forward to 2.5 years later and my magical job suddenly wasn’t so magical. I was unhappy and more than ready to move on.

I applied to more than 100 jobs, some of which were in NYC. When I got a call back to interview for an Assistant Digital Producer job at Scholastic I was stoked. Working for Scholastic seemed like a dream to me. I grew up reading every scholastic book imaginable and was obsessed with the book fairs. This love and obsession carried on to me even in my adult life.

The interview was pretty much a disaster. The recruiter was super nice and that preliminary screening went well, but when I met with the person who I guess would’ve been my boss it all went down hill. I thought a digital producer was basically the same thing as a content coordinator but I quickly found out I was completely wrong.


I still don’t know what an Assistant Digital Producer does at Scholastic, but I know it’s definitely not blogging, social media, or content marketing…

But I had a great time in NYC anyway. Just being able to see the office was amazing and NYC was everything I thought it would be. I definitely still want to move there.


I loved my first trip to NYC so much that I decided to come back there to celebrate my 26th birthday. I went to eat lunch at Black Tap NYC. This restaurant was all the rage at the time thanks to their famous milkshakes. The restaurant was actually really disappointing and the staff was horrible, but the rest of the trip was great. I was really just in complete awe of the city. I enjoyed going to the M&M Factory and Bubba Gump and exploring Times Square. I can’t wait to get back there again.


2. Seeing Good Charlotte…Twice.

For those of you who don’t know, Good Charlotte is by  far my favorite band. I saw them perform for the first time in 100+ degree weather outside on Father’s Day at Festival Pier in Penn’s Landing back in 2010. Since then I’ve seen them Cherry Hill, at the TLA multiple times, and most recently at the Fillmore. I’ve seen them a total of 5 or 6 times, two of which were in 2016.


Seeing them in 2016 was especially special for me because it was the first time I could REALLY hear them. They sounded just as amazing as I remembered. I liked that I could hear everything they said when they were just talking, too. Before receiving my cochlear implants in 2014 and 2015 I would miss out a lot on their talks to the crowd and teasing each other. The Madden twins have such a great sense of humor that really comes out when they play shows together. It was great to finally get to hear it in these shows.


Both of the shows were amazing. The TLA will probably always be my favorite venue, but the Fillmore was pretty awesome, too. I like the atmosphere of the TLA better and have a lot of great memories at the TLA, but I think the sound quality at the Fillmore was better. While both shows were incredible I’ll have to say the one I saw in November at the Fillmore was probably their best show ever. It was the perfect blend of old and new songs and so very nostalgic. It was like my childhood come to life in musical form.


I can’t wait to see them again. For those of you who really, really, really love me they will be performing/traveling with this amazing warped tour/emo/punk cruise ship package thing in October. If you buy it for me I promise to love you for forever…just saying…

3. Working at Becker’s School Supplies


Image Credits: Becker’s School Supplies on Facebook

This one probably comes as a surprise for most of you guys.. My job at Becker’s didn’t really work out. I actually didn’t get this job originally. It’s kind of a funny story. I found the open SEO Marketer position accidentally on Monster.com, a website I rarely ever used during my job search (I was pretty loyal/exclusive to LinkedIn). I applied and got an interview pretty quickly and thought I had nailed it. I couldn’t have asked for a better interview. I got along with everyone  so well. Being obsessed with school supplies and wearing paperclip earrings to my interview also helped a lot haha.

Imagine my devastation when I received a phone call while at work on April Fool’s Day of all days. I couldn’t believe it.

But the story didn’t end there. I got another call from them about a week later. Apparently things didn’t work out with the first person they hired, so I was next in line. Eager to get our of the miserable job I was currently stuck in, I quickly accepted.

Becker’s wasn’t a bad job at all. It was actually almost anything you could ask for in a job. It was pretty much the complete opposite from my current job which was a plus. It was a family owned business that benefitted the education system in a positive way. I was honestly just excited to get out of the agency life. I also liked that it was a small family-owned business that was around for many years. But my favorite parts? Everyone was sooooooooo nice and professional and there was none of the typical office drama or politics.

I got along great with everyone and was well-liked. It was refreshing to see and work with various members of the Becker family each day. They owned the company and were at the top of the tier, but they never made you feel like you were below them. Everyone was all part of the same team. They valued and respected all of their employees. I’ll never forget how the first thing Kurt Becker, the company’s treasurer, asked me was what I thought about the website and what I’d fix. I was an employee at that time for less than a week and he still valued my opinion and expertise enough to want to know my ideas for change.

As great as Becker’s was though, it wasn’t right for me. I spent years working in SEO in the past, but it was much different. I learned that when it comes to SEO, I’m all about creating content such as blogs and other website content that is optimized for SEO. I’m not much for Google Analytics (although I’m learning!) or any of the data/analytical side of things which this position dealt a lot with. Also, while I loved school supplies my love for school supplies didn’t quite match up with the products the company sold. I thought this was a company that sold a bunch of notebooks and pens, but it was really all early childhood education supplies like furniture for childcare centers.

I used to love product meetings where vendors will show us their stuff and try to persuade us to purchase it, mainly because I’m a child and I love to play with fake sand and dinosaurs and legos and read picture books, but I have a hard time wrapping my head around early education. I never went to pre-school, let alone daycare as a kid. It was a whole new field for me.

When I accepted the job with Becker’s I still had a lot of other job applications out and was negotiating with Penn Medicine. I wasn’t sure what would happen with that opportunity. It sounded good, but I have also been negotiating for several months and nothing was happening and I really needed a new job. I was also looking into grad school and applying for the TEP program. My future was so unclear. Everything was a risk.

I have absolutely no regrets about Becker’s. I learned so much about my career interests, job preferences, and how to turn down a job that isn’t working for you. I left them with the best gift I had to give: I referred them to a former co-worker who I saw as an expert in SEO that I knew was interested in the position. She could do for them everything they needed and wanted in terms of SEO that I didn’t know how to do. They hired her almost immediately. The rest is history.

4.Working at Penn Medicine


Image Credits: Henrietta Hudson 

While it was quite the long process, I did end up getting hired by Penn Medicine in 2016. I initially turned down the position to work at Becker’s, but they begged me to reconsider. Isn’t it funny how things work out? I applied in January and was finally hired in June.

I honestly wasn’t sure about Penn when I first applied. I previously did an internship with Slack Medical journals and really, really, really hated it. It was so boring and technical and confusing. I was afraid Penn would be the same, yet for some reason this felt really different. I almost backed out of this interview several times because of other interviews I had (first with Scholastic and then with Bernie Robbins jewelers). I am so glad that my mom and some of my friends and former colleagues pushed me to go and keep pursuing this opportunity, even when it seemed hopeless.


Working at Penn has been a blessing to me in so, so, so many ways. First off, I really love the location. Like I stated previously, I’m a city slicker. We’re located right in University City. It’s a safe part of Philly and there’s so much stuff going on! We’re within walking distance of many restaurants which makes lunch time fun, especially if we have a new member to our team. I recently tried an Indian buffet with my co-workers and in the summer we’d frequently meet up for green smoothies from the fruit lady’s food truck or frozen yogurt from Kiwi yogurt.


The content team at the #LoveFest Pep Rally

Secondly, I love my job itself. I get to do my two favorite things: write a lot and work on social media. I also get to teach my co-workers what I learn, specifically with our new social media content management system, Sprinklr. I’m never bored. I learn constantly and am always challenged. I didn’t know much about medical conditions initially, but have since learned so many incredible things. I’m in awe by Dr. Carl June’s work with immunotherapy and cancer. All of the neurological conditions constantly blow my mind (did you know there’s a procedure where they turn off and test different parts of the brain to see what if anything will be lost if they cut away part of it?). It’s fascinating stuff!


My co-workers are also the best. They are so talented, kind, and hard-working. It’s also a very professional atmosphere free of office drama and politics. While everyone is always working really hard, we also have fun together with team building exercises such as monthly full staff meetings, our pep rally, and our Christmas bowling party. We are also starting a professional development book club which should be fun.

5. Becoming an Adjunct Professor AND a Grad School Student at Rowan University


Image Credits: Rowan

Of all of the possible things that could’ve happened this year, I never imagined I’d become a college professor, but that is exactly what happened.

I’ve been toying with the idea of going back to school to earn my MA in Writing for years. I didn’t want to get my MA originally. I was tired and burnt out after earning to BA’s and I didn’t think an MA was all that important to be honest. But after receiving bilateral cochlear implants I wrote a book and now I want so additional help to finish writing/revising it and publish it.

Still, I wasn’t sure how this would work. I didn’t know at the time that Penn has an amazing benefits package that would cover the cost of my tuition. I just knew that financial aid wasn’t an option with grad school, so I was on my own and grad school doesn’t come cheap.

When Professor Block emailed me about grad school and mentioned the TEP program which allows students to teach while earning their MA and pays for at least part of their tuition costs, I saw it as a sign that I was meant to go to grad school and apply.

I wasn’t totally sure what to expect. I knew I like teaching, but I didn’t expect to love it as much as I ultimately did. I didn’t expect to get so attached to my students. I think teaching is one of the best things to ever happen to me, honestly. I love it so much. I love feeling like I’m making a difference and seeing my students improve as writers.

Grad school’s not bad, either. Some of the writing projects for Core were fun. It’s not the most interesting year for me though. I feel like I have a lot of pre-reqs which can be a little dry to take now to get to the good stuff like writing the memoir and non-fiction writing. But still I’ve really loved just being back in school again. I love the challenge of it all. I love learning.

It hasn’t been easy. Juggling a full time job in the city, teaching three times a week, and taking 2 graduate level courses a semester is no joke. But I love the thrill of the challenge and being constantly under pressure. I feel like I am constantly working towards a goal and I feel I’ve been fairly successful so far.

6. Going to Washington DC


DC is another place I had plans to go to multiple times, but never actually went to until this year. I was first going to go on a field trip in 7th grade, but alas the terrorist attack on the Pentagon on 9/11/2001 when I was in 6th grade caused the trip to get cancelled. Then in 2014 or whenever it was I was going to meet Casey there and get back together with him, but in a really bizarre turn of events he cancelled our plans and ran off and got engaged and married to some other girl…but that’s another story…


Every year Rowan picks a book to have the University read together as a whole. This year the book was Americanah! by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. I don’t know what the book was about because I didn’t actually read it lol. Anyway though, the book inspired the University to take a free trip to DC that was open to all students and faculty and since I’ve always wanted to go to DC anyway, I jumped at the opportunity to go.


I was nervous about the trip at first since I didn’t know anyone who was going. Who would I hang out with so I wouldn’t get lost? Should I go as a student or a faculty member since I was actually both? I hung out with faculty originally until I met a faculty member’s son who was a current senior at Rowan and closest in age to me. We hung out for the rest of the trip and became fast friends and had a blast.


We went to the museum of African history, an African art museum, and one of the Smithsonians, though we didn’t have much time at the Smithsonian. It was a really cool trip. I’m a museum and art nerd so I love looking at and learning about this stuff. The only down side was that the main African history museum was realllllllllllllly crowded and you could hardly move.


We also ate at a soul food restaurant. I don’t eat soul food much, if ever, so it was a different experience for me. I had these oysters cooked in some kind of a hot sauce that were really good.


It was a really nice trip especially since it helped me to get out of my comfort zone. I am glad that I did end up befriending someone despite not knowing anyone and that I took the risk to go to a new place with no one I knew. I’d definitely do something like this again in the future and I hope that in 2017 Rowan provides me with more opportunities to do so!


7. Going to Kentucky.

My trip to Kentucky was incredible and perhaps the highlight of 2016.


My mom and I went with Gloucester County Community Church (GCCC). I’ve been following the making of the Ark from day 1 a few years back and when I heard it opened in the summer I couldn’t wait to go. We previously looked into driving down for my mom’s birthday in August, but it was too expensive. However, going with the church would save us money and we’d take a bus with everyone so transportation wouldn’t be an issue.


Our trip lasted 3 days and consisted with a few hours at the Creation Museum followed by almost a full day at the Ark.


The Creation Museum was okay. Not quite as good as I was expecting, but still pretty cool. I really loved the dinosaurs. I always liked dinosaurs ever since I was a kid. About a year ago I realized that the bible never mentions the word “dinosaur” so I started to ponder why. I turned to Answers in Genesis and they explained how dinosaurs did exist and were referred to using different words. To see and learn more about this at the museum was neat. Most of the dinosaurs weren’t as big as made out to be and the dinosaurs used to only eat plants as did all animals which the bible clearly states, but few people realize. It was very informative.


Noah’s Ark was amazing. You don’t realize how big it is until you see if for yourself. It was also incredible biblically accurate. They had all of the animals that they had back then and the cages and everything so well done. I enjoyed learning about Noah and his family and the work that they did on the Ark as well. It made me thirsty to learn more.


Overall, 2016 was an incredible year. I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for me!



Image Credits: Brown Girl From Boston 

2014 was a whirlwind of a year. That’s the best way I can put it.

It is ending on a very high note. I had many good things happen to me recently and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life and full of so much positivity.

But the year definitely didn’t start out that way. It was pretty rough.

I had a lot of goals and plans for 2014, as you can see in my New Year’s resolution post from last year. Looking at it now I just laugh because I broke every resolution except for the one where I grow my hair out and donate it haha.

One of my top resolutions was to stay single for the whole year. Because I was so bitter and so hurt from a bad breakup that left me in pieces. I broke that resolution before the year even started. My ex emailed me on New Year’s Eve of 2013, just before the ball dropped. I forgave him and spent the next three months working to patch things up again only to be stood up, cheated on, and to have the truth about the man I was so in love with revealed — I was in love with a man who was secretly already engaged to another woman and most likely had been for some time. I was in love with a fraud.

And I needed that. As strange as it sounds to say all of that. I mean, what woman would say “Yes I was stood up, cheated on, lied to, and betrayed and it was good?”

But everything happens for a reason. I spent way too much time trying to piece together my breakup, and in 2014, I got answers, I got clarity, and in a painful way, I got the truth.

Moving on didn’t happen overnight. Cutting ties was easy, getting over and moving on was another story. I finished destroying items, but I had people, including myself, still left to destroy.

For about half of 2014 I was miserable, depressed, and self-destructive. I became a stranger to myself and didn’t like who I was at all. I won’t go into details on what I mean by that — it is all buried in the past and not something I am at all proud of. But there were many times when I’d take a walk to a nearby elementary school to be alone, talk to myself, and just really try to ask myself “What the hell am I doing and why?”

And I brought some friends along the way. Who said to me, “And what answers do you get when you ask yourself that question? Do you ever get good answers?” And no, no I did not. Some friends helped. Some friends hurt. Either way the friends were able to show me the path I was on was anything but good. I needed that, but what I needed the most is what was lacking the most in my life at that time — I needed God. I needed  church.

Just when things started to hit their peak and seem at their worst, I began to attend Gloucester County Community Church. My first church service was right before Easter. And I went to several more afterwards. There were a few times when I could have sworn the sermons were written and delivered specifically for me and my current situation. I’d come home and really think about the message and the things I was doing and I’d realize it was no good. I had to stop. I had to change. And slowly, I began to listen — not to society, not to friends, not to my heart or mind (both of which didn’t work too well at that time), but to the Lord Jesus Christ.

I gave online dating a try — because what did I have to lose? I met my current boyfriend within days of joining the dating site. We started talking straight away and immediately clicked — but I wasn’t quite ready for a real relationship. I got scared and kind of ran away. But that’s okay. I think that even that was all a part of God’s plan.

I befriended another Christian at this time. Strangely, he was someone who used to date my best friend. I vaguely remembered them dating, but I never really knew him at the time of their relationship. We talked for a little bit. Went on one slightly disastrous date (Pro tip: if you’re going out on a first date with someone don’t make it be your best friend’s ex, don’t go to the busiest restaurant on their busiest day of the week, and don’t choose a place where another friend works as a waitress….trust me). We had no connection. We had zero chemistry. We struggled to hold a conversation. There wasn’t much to say. Needless to say, our first date was our last date.

But we still remained friends — in a strange kind of way. We hung out once every few weeks. And talked a bit. This was never going to be a relationship and I should be thanking god for that because it would’ve been a terrible relationship! But it was a temporary friendship I needed very much at the time.

There are people who will enter your life for a season. That phrase is usually spoken in a negative way, but that is exactly what happened in this case and I believe it wasn’t negative at all — it was all a work of god. God had to use this person for me in my life at this specific time.

This person became my friend and in that friendship there was only one thing we had in common and only one thing that we ever really talked about: Jesus Christ.

He shared bible verses, devotions, and Christian music with me. He took me to church. He told me I needed a church and he almost scared me a few times since I didn’t have a church. He made me realize that going to church and connecting with church and having a church family were not necessarily the same things. I was going to church, but I didn’t connect with it and I didn’t have a church family. GCCC is a nice church, but it’s not the kind of church I was ever going to find a family in.

So I went searching for a church to call my own. Instead of taking walks to the nearby elementary school to swing on swings and spend time alone to think, I began to take random walks without destinations in search of a church I didn’t know existed.

On one of these walks I found Crossroads Assembly of God Church. It was obviously possible to walk to from my home — but not the easiest walk (lots of crossing of streets and kind of far). But I was still intrigued. I made plans to search for it again and learn more about it and possibly attend service.

But it never happened.

When I went back to find the church — it was almost like it never existed. I couldn’t find it anywhere!

I did a google search for nearby churches. The church I found that was closest to my home was Washington Baptist Church. On the Saturday before Independence Day, I put the address into my phone and went on a journey to find it. I had some challenges….it was pouring that morning. I got soaked and almost broke my hearing aids. But finding the actual church was actually easy and I even found $20 laying on the ground on my way there. I always took that as a positive sign from God. A sign that I was supposed to go that church.

I looked around the church for awhile. It looked strange. Very small. I wasn’t sure it was really a church at first. It sort of reminded me of a long garage (yes, it was that tiny). But I saw a church sign out front that told me it was indeed a church. I made a note of the name — Washington Baptist Church. I walked home quickly and immediately looked it up and took note of what time Sunday School and service as the following day.

The following day I went to service for the first time at Washington Baptist Church. I woke up extra early to give myself plenty of time to walk there and attend on my own. I really wanted to go by myself so I’d have a completely unbiased opinion of this church. Going to my friend’s churches was nice — but it was THEIR church. My mom’s church was HER church. Sometimes it was hard to really decipher if I liked the church because I liked the people who attended the church or because a person was telling to like it or not to like or if I really liked it for me. By going to a completely new church where I didn’t know a single soul on my own, I’d be left with only my own personal opinions of it.

Long story short: I loved it. I was made to feel at home and welcomed by everyone just in that first day. The pastor delivered an incredible sermon that I really connected with and I knew I had my church family. The second week and every week after that only confirmed what I already knew. Each week my relationship with my church family, and ultimately with Christ grew more and more and I stopped participating in my destructive, un-Christian behaviors and watched my life improve gradually over time.

Not long after I began attending church, my friendship with my newfound Christian friend ended. I feel like stating it in this kind of way is too harsh. Nothing bad happened. We just didn’t have time for each other, didn’t have much in common, and were no longer gaining anything from each other in our friendship. God was using us. We needed our friendship at this given time for very specific reasons and we have finished our god given tasks, so it was time to move on.

I decided to give the online dating thing one last and final try. And I raised the standards. I was using OKCupid, which may not be the greatest dating website for a Christian (true story, someone actually messaged me to tell me they feared for me being a Christian on OKCupid and I should shut down my profile and join Christian Mingle. I couldn’t help but laugh). Most messages I ignored. I was close to deleting my account again and giving up.

But just before hitting the delete button, another message came through. From someone I already knew…kind of. The one who I ran away from in May and whom is now my current boyfriend — Larry.

They say in love to let it go, and if it comes back it’s yours. He came back and remembered me precisely. I was stunned. I remembered him of course, but I wasn’t expecting him to remember me or to want anything to do with me anymore.

Of course he wanted to know what happened. We were getting along so well for about a month before I fell off the face of the earth. We even exchanged numbers, connected on Facebook, and were talking every day. Then I deleted my OKC profile, deleted and blocked his number, and deleted and blocked his Facebook. It was never anything against him. I was just confused and made an honest mistake. And I told him every single thing I did and why I did it. I asked him for his forgiveness and by the grace of god, he granted me it. He said he appreciated my honesty with him. I admittedly made a big mistake by letting go once, but I wasn’t about to let him slip by me again.

Once we got that all cleared up, we picked up right where we left off and were back to texting every day and became Facebook friends again. We still wanted to take things slow. He asked me for a date later that week, but I thought we needed to talk more.

So we talked for a couple of weeks. When I felt ready to meet in person for our first date, he ended up being on a week-long vacation with his family. Just another prime example of how everything needs to happen in God’s perfect timing.

We did have our first date. On Labor Day of 2014 (September 1st). Safe to say Labor Day will always be a special day for us this day forward. It was the best date I ever been on — exactly what I have waited all my life for.

But we still continued to take our time and didn’t become “official” for a few more weeks. Our relationship was exactly what a relationship should be — a friendship that slowly developed into something more over time. And every day that we are together our relationship grows more and more and we get a bit closer.

I broke all of my resolutions for the most part in 2015, including the one I swore I’d keep. And it was a beautiful thing even if it was a bit messy and hard at first. Had I have worked to keep my resolutions I never would’ve met my boyfriend whom is my best friend of the love of my life. I wouldn’t be half as happy as I am now. I have learned not to focus so much on new year’s resolutions, but instead, to turn to and trust in god. On our own we can only accomplish so  much, and we may not even know what is best for us. In the beginning of 2014 I was still stuck on a very toxic relationship that I was insistent on poisoning myself with. But once I got through all of that and began letting go and giving it to God, things got so much better. I learned the key is just that — to stop depending on yourself to make and keep and hold these resolutions. Instead, give it all to God and let him direct your life for you. He won’t always give you what you want, but he’ll give you what you need.

In 2014 God took away some things and I replaced him with other things that are so much better. God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good. I can’t wait to see what paths he leads me down in 2015! Here’s to a resolution-free New Year filled with giving it all to God and trusting in the creator!

So it’s New Year’s Eve. I’m about to close another chapter of my life and begin a new one. I already wrote what my New Year’s resolutions are and about what I hope to accomplish in 2014. Now I’d like to look back on my best moments of the past year. 2013 was a pretty crazy year. It’s definitely had its ups and downs, but overall it was pretty cool and if 2014 follows a similar path I’d be quite alright with that. Here are my Top 10 Moments From 2013.
10. Meeting Casey In Real Life. 


This was my 2nd day with Casey, May 9, 2013.I took this picture outside of the student center by my favorite bridge. I loved showing him around and he really seemed to like the campus.

I think this can go on two lists: top 10 best moments and top 10 worst moments. Casey and I were randomly brought together in 2012 after  meeting online through my writing for Bit Rebels. We became very quick friends and I ultimately ended up falling in love with him. For awhile we dismissed having a real relationship since he’s 34 and I’m 23 and he lives in Florida and I live in NJ. However, the more we talked the more our friendship grew and we just wanted more. It started to seem possible and like it was meant to be. We made our relationship official on April 1, 2013.

We started planning when we would meet for the first time in real life. We knew it was something we had to do it was just a matter of when. Casey was an avid traveller and used to these things so the plan was he’d visit me. Originally we planned to meet for his birthday which was in July. However, when he learned that my birthday was in May he quickly changed his plans.

Casey and I met for the first time on my 23rd birthday which was May 8, 2013. We spent the next 3 days together hanging out at the mall, seeing movies, going out to eat, and I even took him to Rowan for a book signing event. We had a great time and even though we broke up a month later, it’s something I will always remember.
9. Valentine’s Day

For those of you who don’t know Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday. In 2012 I was dating a real jerk that made things really bad for Valentine’s Day. I was single for it in 2013 and couldn’t have been happier. I had off of work and I treated myself to an iPhone. I previously only had a crappy Cricket phone that couldn’t really do anything. I fell in love with my iPhone instantly. I don’t know how I ever went without it…this phone is amazing!

Here’s the first picture I took with my iPhone…notice my candy heart earrings and heart headband…I get really into Valentine’s Day!


8. Grounds for Sculpture. My mom always has off on Wednesdays and weekends. When I worked at Walmart I had off every Thursday and that was about it. One week I got lucky and had off on a Wednesday. We wanted to do something fun and different together as a family so we gave Grounds for Sculpture a try. It was such a fun day! I can’t wait to go back sometime. There’s so much to see! Here’s a few of our pictures:







Honestly one of the things I like the most about this picture is that I had to throw that shirt out because it no longer fits…it’s way too big! That’s a problem I don’t mind having… 😉

7.Yellowcard Concert Yellowcard has been one of my favorite bands for years and their Ocean Avenue album was practically revolutionary for me. I listened to that album thousands of time. Pretty much every single song on it is very important and meaningful for me. When I found out that they were doing a 10 year acoustic anniversary tour for the album I just had to go. I definitely wasn’t disappointed.  You can check out my full review of the Yellowcard Ocean Avenue Acoustic Tour Here. Here’s some videos from the show:

6. Commencement. I actually graduated in December of 2012, but my commencement wasn’t until May of 2013. I’ll be honest, Commencement was a little disappointing to me and I thought my community college graduation was 1000x’s better,but it was still a nice final “hoorah!”. I achieved something no one else in my family has — not just one, but two bachelor’s degrees.


This is Rowan’s mascot The Prof…we’re just too cool to call ourselves the Rowan Owls…


I recieved a bachelor’s in English and a Bachelor’s in Writing Arts. I chose to participate in the Writing Arts ceremony with the College of Communication & Creative Arts


The red and white cords represent my membership with the Lambda Pi Eta Communications Honor Society.




I spent way too much time trying to decide how to decorate my cap. This was perfect. It’s a line from Dead Poets Society (my favorite movie and a movie that fits in well with both of my majors) that means “Seize the Day”.

5. Christmas  This was the best Christmas my family and I had for a long time. It was the first Christmas in our new home and we were all happy and well. The past few years have been rough with losing family members and financial struggles. We were very financially stable this year which definitely helped, but at the same time we always remember the true meaning of Christmas. Just having a nice day together was one of the things that made this year’s Christmas so special.
4. Working at Webimax I started 2013 still working at Walmart and it made me completely miserable. I hated it. I worked very hard and pretty much all I ever got was a hard time from everyone and taken advantage of by co-workers and management. I constantly applied for “real” jobs but the job market is no joke these days. Seriously, if you’re looking for a job good luck at getting so much as an interview. My job search lead me some interesting places…such as hundreds of miles from home in the middle of nowhere also known as State College PA:


I interviewed for a digital journalist position at Accuweather. I was really late because apparently it’s really easy to get lost in the middle of nowhere. They didn’t like me and I didn’t like them much either. No surprise I didn’t get this job. I’m quite thankful for that…I was less than enthused about the idea of moving to State College.

I applied to Webimax several times over the course of 2013. The first being about two days before my trip to State College actually. I applied again when they announced they were hiring over the summer. I never gave up on them because in my heart I knew that was my dream job and where I really wanted to be.

I was interviewed for an Inbound Marketer position around the beginning of July. The interview went extremely well, but unfortunately they were unable to hire me at that time. So my job search continued as I remained a cashier at Walmart.


I took this picture right before my interview at Webimax. It took me forever to decide what to wear. I loved the pink blazer because I thought it would help me to stand out and be more memorable.

Then everything began to fall in place. I had an interview set up with The Christian Post. It sounded promising except for one thing…the interview was to take place in NYC on 9/11…not a time when you want to go to the city. It was also a 100+ degree day…not ideal for wearing a business suit and walking around the city…

God works in funny ways. As I was stressing over my Christian Post interview I got an email from human resources at Webimax with a job offer. I accepted immediately.

Now I have been working at Webimax since September. I love it so much. I have learned so much about the world of SEO and I always look forward to coming into work each day. My boss and co-workers are amazing. Everyone is so smart, creative, and fun. I definitely made the right choice accepting this offer and I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for me at Webimax.
3. Reconnecting with Old Friends I lost touch with a lot of friends during college especially when I transferred into Rowan. This year I started to reconnect with some and it’s been wonderful. I definitely need to give a shout out to Pam here. Pam, you’ve been a wonderful friend to me always. I always enjoy having tea with you and learning all about the cow apocalypse.
2. Moving to Washington Township I lived in Woodbury for about 9 years. It was supposed to just be a temporary thing but it didn’t quite work out that way. Woodbury’s been good for me over the years. The high school was amazing and I have many great friends from Woodbury. I love the diner, too. It’s my happy place. However, our house really sucked. Everything was broken. See:


Just one of the many broken walls in my bedroom in my old house…



Believe it or not this was actually the only “working” sink in the old house…


The condo we moved to in Washington Township is much nicer. Nothing’s broken, we have counter space in the kitchen, we have a dishwasher, washer and dryer, and even a sunroom! The area is much more quiet, peaceful, and safe as well. I frequently go for walks around town and morning runs. Here’s some pictures of the new house:




We have two bathrooms now. This one is mine.



And this is the main bathroom/my parent’s bathroom.



My new room is just a tad bit nicer than my old room…




This is the view outside of my new home in Washington Township



This is “the red room” also known as the sunroom but for some reason everything is red…

1. Meeting Sean Forbes Seriously though, did you expect anything else to be #1? Sean Forbes is absolutely amazing and meeting him was everything I hoped it would be. I love all that Sean is doing for the deaf community. He has so much talent and is just amazing. I saw his show at The Rotunda in Philly back in October and it was just amazing. I loved the vibrating stage and how he signs and everything it was just great. I got to talk to him before and after the show and he was such a sweet heart. He actually remembered me by name through Twitter! I was amazed that he remembered! He definitely cares about his fans!


Sean Forbes and I after his show in Philly! I was so excited to meet him!


2013 was a pretty cool year. I’m really looking forward to what 2014 brings!



Image Credits: HD Wallpapers Inn

1. Get my driver’s license. This has been my New Year’s Resolution for over 5 years straight now. Maybe this will be the year I actually do it…

2. Get a car. Because what good is having a driver’s license if you don’t have a car? I’d love to get something cute like a Mini Cooper…



Image Credits: SportsCarsWP


Or maybe I can dream a little bigger and end up with my dream car a 2000 purple metallic BMW…


Image Credits: Auto Gespot

3. Get an ATM card Having plenty of money in the bank is cool and all but I have trouble getting to the bank before it closes especially with work. My life would be so much easier if I had an ATM card. I really don’t know why I don’t have one…

4. Read at least 32 books. I read about 23 in 2013. It’s just a few more. I really love to read. My goal was to read 100 last year, but I think that was a little too ambitious…



Image Credits: NewYorker.com

5. Read a textbook from cover-to-cover. Another resolution I’m borrowing from 2013. I am about 100 pages into one now actually. I plan on finishing it in 2014 and maybe starting another one.

6. Read the Bible from cover-to-cover. I bought a new Bible over the summer and have been working on this, but haven’t really gotten very far yet. I’d like to complete this in 2014 at least once.



Image Credits: Amazon

7. Stay single for the whole year. I vowed to do this in 2013 but then I kind of fell in love with Casey and realized maybe a long distance relationship wasn’t completely out of the question. We met in real life and he broke my heart three weeks later. In 2014 I’m going to work on getting completely over him (I promise to stop stalking…) and just enjoy being single.

8. Lose more weight. I lost around 40 or so in 2013. I’m about 40 away from my first big goal weight and would like to lose about a total of 88 pounds. I know that realistically I won’t drop all 88 in a year, but I’d be happy if I could just drop another 40 honestly.



Image Credits: WebMD.com 

9. Donate at least $1,000 to charity. Why not put my money to good use? I like helping people and donating to good causes.



Image Credits: LovingMyNeighbor.org

10. Refrain from getting my hair cut. This one will be really hard since my hair’s already starting to get long and annoy the heck out of me. I’m trying my best to let it keep growing because I really want to donate it to locks of love. You have to donate a minimum of 10 inches. I hate short hair on me though.Shoulder length is about as short as I’ll go. I need the length of my hair to pretty much double. I might reach this goal in less than a year in which case cutting it will be acceptable, but I ONLY want to cut it if its long enough for locks of love.



Image Credits: SimplyGloria.com

11.Edit/Revise Escape And Submit to Publishers. I finished my young adult novel, Escape in September. Well, the first draft anyway. I know it still needs A LOT of work done to it. I haven’t even looked at it since I finished it lol. I do want to fix it up and send it to publishers though. I should probably get on that soon…

12. Write In My Journal Everyday. I really need to get back to doing this but realistically I’ll probably break this resolution within a week…I’m still working on detailing aspects of my life that happened like two years ago…



Image Credit: UND.edu


What do you guys think about my resolutions for 2014? Do you have any advice on how I can work towards keeping them? What are your resolutions for 2014?

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