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I’m up to day 18 of the 30 day Writing Challenge! Today’s challenge is to write about my favorite color and why. This reminds me so much of a writing prompt I did for the NJ Writer’s Group a couple of months ago where I did what I’m doing now: chose the color black.

Black wasn’t always my favorite color. Growing up, I was one of those kids who changed their favorite color all the time. For a long time it was pink. Then as I got older, I went through a period where I liked bright green. Purple was my favorite for a few weeks *shudders* and yellow was a favorite for about a month, actually *cringes*. As I got older, I went through a period of time where I was obsessed with baby blue.

Now, I’m 26 and I’ve had the same favorite color since I was about 13, so I think I’ve finally, permanently settled on one: black.

A lot of people look at my weird when I tell them that black is my favorite color. Black is apparently only reserved for goths. If you’re a goth, you’re pretty much expected to say that black is your favorite color. Sure, I went through a bit of a dark phrase in middle school into high school when I was a little punk, a little emo, and at times, yes, goth. Much to my mother’s displeasure, I wore spike collars, chains, wrist bands, and lots and lots of black from time to time. I even had blue hair before it was cool. But those days are now a part of my distant history. I’m no longer goth, but my favorite color still remains black.

I understand that black is supposed to represent mourning and it’s the color that people wear to funerals, but I don’t think black is *always* meant to be a depressing color. I think that it can be really classy and elegant, too (little black dress, anyone?). I love it because it’s so versatile. It’s a neutral color that matches anything (which is great for me because I can be bad at matching haha). It also looks great on everyone. Some colors just don’t look right on people. I feel like bright colors look weird on me. White especially is not my color. But I never have a problem with black, that’s always flattering on me. I can’t imagine black being anything but flattering on any given person.

I think that black has a little bit of edginess to it, too. It’s not all pretty and girly and preppy like pink is. Oh and it’s not yellow!!!! (Seriously, how was that EVER my favorite color? It’s way too bright, sunny, and …. cheerful. Ick!). While my goth days may be well behind me, I think I will always have a little bit of edge or a slight dark side about me. When I see the color black I feel happy. It is a reminder to me of who I am and to never lose sight of the person that I am in order to fight into society or what others may want me to be.

These are just a few of the reasons why black is my favorite color. What’s your favorite color and why?