Image Credits: Jar Of Quotes

So…day 13 of the 30 day writing challenge is pretty boring. Today I’m instructed to simply write about my commute to and from work. BORING!

I suppose my commute is unique compared to others since I don’t have a license and therefore don’t drive. My dad therefore plays the role as taxi driver in my life (he has kidney disease and is unable to work so he’s home all the time.)

From Monday – Friday my dad and I head out from condo in Washington Township and head out on our way to where I work…Becker’s School Supplies in Pennsauken, NJ.

I don’t pay much attention on the way there. I’m usually either reading my bible or writing out prayers on my phone, unless I managed to wake up at 4am on the dot and do it all ahead of time. In that case, I’m probably asleep most of the way there, or if I’m feeling extra energetic and well-rested, I’m reading. The commute to work is usually about 45 minutes.

There is a building called Wharton near my work. I’m not sure exactly what that building is, but I always know when I’m about there, and I wake up and look at it. Once I see that sign I begin preparing to go to work. I wake up more, gather my things, put my phone away, and prepare for my work day.

I usually get to work ridiculously early. I don’t have to be there until 7:30, but I’m usually there by 7:10. I tend to work a bit late to (my dad is almost never on time picking me up). I only have to work until 4, but I usually end up working until sometime between 4:15-4:30.

The commute home usually isn’t as easy as the commute to work. Traffic is usually heavier and by then Dad and I are usually really tired. His driving can be a bit more aggressive going home — he doesn’t have much patience for the heavier traffic.

We rarely ever go straight home from work. My dad almost always stops as Acme on the way home first. Acme is the closest grocery store to my home and our preferred one, even if it is a little more expensive than its competitor, Shoprite. We usually just need to pick up a handful of items like coffee and maybe a salad for my lunch at work the next day. Never more than a handful of things.

Sometimes we also stop at Wawa for cigarettes on the way home. I never smoked a cigarette in my life and never plan to start, but both of my parents are heavy smokers.

Then we finally head home. By the time we pull into our complex it’s usually around 6pm. Before heading straight to our parking lot, we stop for the mail on the way in (I’m kind of obsessed with mail). It’s usually just bills and store circulars.

Then we head back in and I’m finally home from work…until the next morning.