Image Credits: Head-Fi

Hey guys! Today’s challenge for Day 10 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge is a fun one! I definitely needed that after how depressing yesterday’s was. Today’s challenge is simply to write about a fruit you hate and why you hate it.

There is one fruit that really stood out for me: the pineapple.

I want to love pineapples, really, I do. They are really pretty and quirky little fruits. They have such a cool look to them and an interesting shape and outer texture. Plus, they are from Hawaii. You don’t get much cooler than that!

But underneath their cool outer appearance the pineapple is down-right deceiving and full of lies. LIES I tell you!

They taste awful. So, so, so awful.

A lot of people say pineapples are sweet. No.Chocolate is sweet. Pineapples…have a taste of their own. An awful, tropical, nasty taste. It’s almost metallic. It’s kind of like that metal aftertaste you get sometimes after eating something that comes from a metal can. Only it’s worse because the taste is 1000xs stronger.

Pineapples have a VERY strong taste. It’s so strong that if any other food even comes anywhere NEAR pineapple, it’s ruined. Did someone bake ham with pineapples on top? Trash it, it’s ruined. Did someone put pineapples on your pizza? Ruined. A hamburger with a slice of pineapple? Tainted. It’s completely unsalvageable.

It mainly has to do with the juice. Pineapple are very juicy. As soon as you cut one open, pineapple juice will be everywhere. I really hope there’s no other food around when you or someone else slices open a pineapple, or you can be guaranteed that it will get soaked in pineapple juice and be ruined.

Not only do pineapples taste terrible, but they smell bad, too. They have this really strong, tropical odor that almost kind of matches its nasty taste. I swear, whenever anyone wears pineapple lotion or perfume or whatever, I can immediately taste the pineapple on my lips and it makes me gag. My sister brought a bottle of this perfume called Hawaiian Ginger once that reaked of pineapple and I wanted to kill her for it. She’s been permanently banned from ever buying it (or at the very least, wearing it around me) ever again.

It honestly kind of upsets me that pineapples taste and smell as bad as they do. It’s so disappointing. Because like I said, they look cool.  Anyone who’s never tasted or smelled a pineapple but has simply just seen one probably thinks it’s the coolest fruit ever. I mean, of all the fruit in the world, Spongebob decided to make that one his house, so it must be cool, right?

I’m pretty sure I’ve purchased clothing with pineapples printed all over it on at least one occasion, and I’d gladly do it again. Clothes with pineapples on them are awesome. I also discovered that I really like to color pineapples. I’m a huge fan of adult coloring books and I actually had a couple of pages with pineapple prints. They were so much fun to color and came out looking so nice.

I’m pretty sure pineapple has the potential to be the most awesome, coolest fruit in the world. I shouldn’t be writing about how much I hate pineapple because I should be too busy writing about how much I love them instead. But I made the mistake of eating one and catching a whiff of it once. Now it’s all ruined for me.

Moral of the story: if you never have before, don’t eat or smell a pineapple. Just admire it from afar and it will forever be a cool fruit for you. Once you indulge and try a taste or catch a whiff, your feelings on the pineapple will permanently change for the worst and it will be a sad, sad, sad day.

If you actually like the taste and scent of pineapples, you’re wrong. End of discussion.