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Hey guys! Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there and happy birthday to me,lol!

I’m a few days behind in the 30 day writing challenge. I don’t think I planned this very well — May is always such a super busy month for me! But I’m trying to play catch up the best that I can.

When I left off it was day 5 and the challenge to was to write about a place I’d love to live but have never been too. This is a really easy one for me: Massachusetts.

I know it might sound weird to pick Massachusetts. Most people would pick somewhere tropical, warm, beautiful, and probably another country. Massachusetts isn’t exactly known for it’s beauty and doesn’t stand out as being anything special to most people. It’s not even all that far away (people rarely fly from NJ to MA).So why did I pick it?

It’s history.

If you’re an English literature geek like me, my choice to live in Massachusetts might not be all that strange.The main reason why I want to live in Massachusetts is to study.

Of all of the writers and time periods in English literature I’ve studied in college, the American Romantic Era was my favorite. Most of my favorite writers who have inspired and influenced me the most have lived in Massachusetts.

I want to live in Massachusetts so I can see Emily Dickinson’s home where she grew up and did most of her writing. I want to see the places that may have inspired her the most.

I want to go to Walden Pond (although from what I hear it is very different now from what Thoreau wrote about all of those years ago). I want to experience everything he wrote about in Walden. I want to talk a walk in those famous woods and experience the simplicity of life that he wrote about.

I want to spend some time in Massachusetts trying to simplify my life as much as possible, even if just for a day, as Emerson advised.

I want to see where the puritans lived. I want to see Salem and where the witchcraft trials took place. I want to maybe see a church, like the one Reverend Dimmesdale would preach in. I want to see the House of Seven Gables (okay I know that’s fiction, but I’m sure I can find a real house that may have inspired Hawthorne).

I’m a Patriots fan, so I want to see Gillette Stadium and maybe watch a Patriots game there and be able to root for my team publicly without having to worry about getting punched in the face.

I want to go to Amherst, where Emily Dickinson lived and where Amherst College lies. I want to see the rare, first-hand accounts or very first hand-written drafts of Emily Dickinson’s works or whatever else they may have from these famous writers.

More than anything, I want to live in Massachusetts to study, to learn more about these writers who have impacted my life so much and possibly work on my own writing and see if I can leave as big of an impact on others, too.