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3 was the happiest age there ever was.

In less than a week, I will be turning 26.

But oh, what I would do to go back 23 years to being that 3 year old crazy, fearless, and immortal (or so I often believed) curly-haired 3 year old, skateboarding in the parking lot at Peachtree Courts in Washington Township.

These were not only my earliest memories, but some of my happiest.

Every day was pretty much the same, from what I can remember. If it was a weekday then I’d wake up bright and early to go with my dad (my mom worked as a hairdresser in the morning) to take my sister, Noel to the bus stop for school. She was 6 at the time, so she was in the first grade. I wasn’t in school yet. This was the only part of my day where I would ever feel sad. I loved my older sister, even though she wasn’t always nice. One time, she shoved a straw down my throat and poked a hole in it. Mom wasn’t very happy and I had to go to the hospital. But I kind of deserved it, I mean, I  DID knock all of her smurfs over…on purpose. It was funny. Well, until I had a hole in my throat. Despite that, I still loved Noel. She always knew how to put me back in my place, even if it was painful…

After Noel went to school I’d usually just spend most of the day on the couch watching TV. TV was so good those days. I’d switch back and forth between Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. I loved to watch RugRats and Doug on Nickelodeon. On Cartoon Network I enjoyed the classics like Looney Toons, The Flinstones, Flinstones Kids, and Huckleberry Finn. If nothing better was on, I’d watch Scooby Doo, but that was never really a favorite of mine.

Later in the day was my favorite time of day: time to check the mail!Yes, even when I was 3 I was obsessed with the mail. But we had a PO Box then, just like we do now, except back then I didn’t have my own key. I was only 3, afterall. I’d probably just lose it. We didn’t have to worry so much about the mail back then, though. “Anthrax” wasn’t a well-known threat, if it was one at all. Daddy wasn’t so anti-mail back then. He’d get it for me and I’d go to watch.

After we finished checking the mail, if the weather was nice, I’d go skateboarding all over the parking lot. I was so fearless back then. Sure, my dad would hold on to me and push me and make sure I didn’t fall, but I was never afraid of falling like I am now. I don’t think I even wore a helmet back then. I was completely fearless. Mom didn’t like it when I skated around the parking lot, but that’s why I did it with my dad when she was at work. What she didn’t know wouldn’t kill her, right?

Weekends were my favorite because it meant Noel was home from school. Noel was always my partner and crime and we’d always cause mischief together. We lived in a one bedroom condo and some genius thought it would be a good idea to have a window level with the floor. Not the best idea for the bedroom of a 3 and 6 year old. We could and we did climb out the window to escape — on a regular basis.


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We lived right by Lisa Plaza. Lisa Plaza was made up of a few stores and a pizza shop or two. Mommy and Daddy liked to smoke and would often buy their cigarettes from the convenience store. They sold cheap plastic toys, too. These were great treasures to a 3 and 6 year old and sometimes Mommy and Daddy would treat us to a new toy when they went.

One weekend, Mommy was at work and daddy was sleeping. Noel and I were bored and wanted a new toy. We knew where Lisa Plaza was an how to get there. We also knew where Daddy kept his wallet. We decided it would be a good time to climb out the window and walk out of the complex, across the street into ongoing traffic, and buy some new toys at Lisa Plaza.


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We almost made it. We were on the edge of the sidewalk about to cross the street before Daddy caught us.

Needless to say, we didn’t get any toys that day. But our behinds were mighty red and we never tried that again…

However, that doesn’t mean we were angels from then on out. We were far from it. We were 3 and 6 year old girls were curious minds and a window of opportunity outside of our door. Sometimes we didn’t have to go as far as Lisa Plaza to explore and get into trouble. Sometimes, we just needed to go outback.

We got in more trouble together in our own back yard.

In the winter, we would climb out the window to play outside in the snow. Sounds innocent, right? Wrong. We had no clothes on, at all. I don’ DAY Wt know why. Maybe we wanted a challenge. For some reason we saw nothing wrong with it. Mom and Dad weren’t too pleased…

In the spring, we’d go out with our clothes on, but we’d also take our appetites with us. We had crab apple trees all over the backyard. 3 and 6 year olds don’t know the difference between crab apples and regular apples. To them, they are all just apples. So we’d bite inside them and learn the difference. And then we’d do it again 10 times over, thinking that maybe one of the times the “fruit” might actually taste good. It never did. Our parents never got made at us for this. They just laughed at our stupidity.

We’d go on other adventures too, that didn’t get us in any trouble. On weekends when it was nice, Daddy would often take us on long walks through the woods. This was before they turned all of the trees and woods into more apartments that no one really needed to begin with. It was also before the days darkened and you had to worry about the dangers lurking in the woods such as murders, rapists, and other terrible beings.

Peachtree Courts in 1993 was my first memory. It was a much simpler, happier time.

Oh what I’d do to go back to Peachtree Courts in 1993.