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Coca Cola is known for their successful and brilliant marketing campaigns. They are one of the most powerful, well-known companies in the world. In fact, you can purchase a Coca Cola nearly anywhere in the world — the exception being just Cuba and North Korea. Needless to say, Coca Cola’s marketing efforts have also been fairly profitable for them since it was created in 1886. While your business may not have quite the same marketing budget as Coca Cola, that doesn’t mean you can’t still learn a few things from them to add to your own marketing strategy. Here are 3 things we can learn from Coca Cola’s marketing campaign.

Keep it simple. Sure, Coca Cola most certainly has the money to spend for a big and elaborate marketing campaign, but that doesn’t mean they HAVE TO. Sometimes the best marketing campaigns are the most simple ones. Take for instance Coca Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign which has been going strong for two years. All they had to do for this campaign was research popular names and edit the text on the labels they were already using anyway.

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There was little to no additional costs for this campaign, but it was highly profitable. Everyone loves seeing their names on a product, and Coca Cola made a point to use many untraditional names not frequently seen on personalized products. Even people who don’t like to drink Coke or can’t because of health issues have been purchasing it simply because it has their name on it.


  1. …But don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. While the “Share A Coke” campaign may be one of Coke’s most successful campaigns of all time, it doesn’t mean they haven’t had success with more elaborate marketing schemes in the past. One of the best examples of this is their “Happiness Machine”. The happiness machine was a specially created Coke vending machine that was placed through the US, mainly on college campuses. When students went to purchase a coke they were given multiple cans for free to share with their friends. Sometimes they even received other special gifts and surprises to make them smile.

    What made this campaign so successful is that it was unique. No one else ever attempted to do something quite like this before. Also, it was much more than about giving away free products — it was about making people smile. Coke made sure to capture these smiles on video, which in turn made its way on YouTube, ultimately going viral and helping Coke to gain even more exposure than normal.

  1. Always give back whenever you can. Both the “Share a Coke” and “Happiness Machine” campaigns are both great examples of Coke’s commitment to giving back to their customers. The “Share a Coke” adds a personal touch to their marketing and allows everyone the chance to connect with their product. They even made a point to put unusual names on their products for those who can normally never find their name on anything. The Happiness Machine also gave back by giving unsuspecting individuals free products, and of course, free smiles as well.

    Coke also has their own rewards program where points are given out to anyone who buys a bottle of coke or case of cans. These points can be used to buy products on their website or donated towards charity organizations. These organizations include the Special Olympics, Schools, and many more. Coke also donates to many charities on their own to help fight poverty, improve education, improve world health, and more. They also created their own charity, The Coca-Cola Foundation to help enhance sustainability in various local communities nation-wide. Simply put, Coca Cola is always quick to give back to their customers and the community whenever possible.

What things have you learned from watching Coca Cola’s marketing strategies over the years? What was your favorite campaign that they did?