Image Credits: Bleacher Report

If there’s two things in life I’m extremely passionate about it’s digital marketing and the New England Patriots. Sometimes the two even go hand-in-hand. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see my sporting my Brady or Edelman jersey in the office the day before, day off, or day after the Patriots play. Lately, I’ve even picked up on a few ways that everyone can learn important lessons on digital marketing from the Patriots. That is why now, less than an hour before the Patriots will play the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl 49, I’ve decided to create a list on the top 5 digital marketing strategies I learned from watching the New England Patriots.

1. Take Risks – In my personal opinion, the New England Patriots are one of the biggest risk-takers in the NFL — and it almost always pays off for them! Who can forget their amazing playoff game against the Baltimore Ravens when Edelman switched roles and decided to play quarterback? Although Edelman played this position in his college days, he was drafted as a right wing and that is the only position he’s played professionally with the Patriots. Changing roles was a risk and very unexpected, but it definitely played off in the long run and helped the Patriots defeat the Ravens. This is a reminder that when it comes to digital marketing, we should embrace change even if it seem risky or unexpected. Sometimes the biggest risks have the most favorable outcomes in the end.

2. Engage With Your Community – If you follow any of the Patriot’s social media accounts then you’ll be able to really see just how well they engage with their community. They are always sharing photos submitted by fans, really connecting with them, and paying attention to who they are and where they are. They know that people dress their pets and babies in Patriots gear, and they show off the fan photos. They know that women are Patriots fans, so they make heels with their logo. During the holidays, they look for Patriots themed Christmas trees, Halloween pumpkins, and Patriots themed cakes. They follow the latest trends and capitalize on it so they can be sure to always be engaged, relevant, and forming connections with their fans.

3. Show Gratitude – No one can say that the Patriots are a selfish team. They are always giving back to others in every way possible. There are weekly giveaways on social media from the Gillette stadium, Patriots franchise, and even individual players. When the Patriots played against the Chargers, many of their fans followed them all the way to San Diego and Brady, Belichick and many others from the Patriots team couldn’t thank the fans enough for their amazing support.

You too, can show gratitude in similar ways. Be sure to thank your customers for their service, your fans and followers for their support and thank them often. It won’t go unnoticed.

4. Give Back – The Patriots are also a very charitable team constantly visiting veterans and sick patients in hospitals and trying to give back in every possible way. Some individual players, most notably, Brady, have also voluntarily taken pay cuts in an effort to make more money available for the rest of the team to retain some of their other players.

Follow in the Patriot’s footsteps and give back to your community by offering contests/giveaways of your products if applicable, having your business donate or volunteer for various charities, and become more involved in your business’ community for the wellbeing of others.

5. Be Honest – Sometimes, no matter how hard you work to ensure exceptional customer service, things may backfire, causing a bit of bad publicity or a customer to be upset. Even a team as big as the New England Patriot’s isn’t safe from controversy. The current deflate gate issue just further proves this point. However, the Patriots handled the controversy well by holding press conferences, being cooperative, and speaking the truth about what they did and didn’t know about the situation.

If your business ever ends up in the midst of bad publicity or dealing with an unhappy customer, just remember to be open and honest. Apologize for any wrong doing and tell the truth. People like to see honesty in a business, especially when things go wrong. Being open and honest will help your customers and followers to see your business can be trusted even if they make a mistake. Always remain cool and handle the issue in a professional manner and you’ll be fine.

Regardless of who you’re rooting for this Super Bowl Sunday, it is obvious that the New England Patriots can teach us many important digital marketing strategies. Which one do you think is the most important?