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Hey everyone. I apologize for the lack of updates. I have been so busy lately I haven’t had much time to update this blog. I’ve had so many wonderful changes happening in my life lately. It’s been crazy and overwhelming at times, but  very wonderful. The lord has certainly blessed me.

There is one thing I feel is really important to update everyone on — that is the status of my hearing aid fundraiser. For those of you who don’t know I created a Go Fund Me to raise money for a set of new hearing aids a year ago.My goal was to raise $4,000 which is slightly less than what it would cost me to purchase a new pair of hearing aids. In the past year I managed to raise exactly $200. To those of you who have donated I can’t thank you enough for your extreme acts of generosity.

However, there has been a change of plans.After meeting with a new audiologist for the very first time in September she told me that the hearing aids I was saving up for actually weren’t going to help me very much. I have very bad hearing (I’d say around 94% hearing loss if not greater) and I have very low clarity (on a good day my clarity or ability to understand spoken word is about 16% at the most). Hearing aids will amplify sounds — or make sounds louder — but they will not give me the clarity that I so desperately need. It’s not even just an issue with the hearing aids I was saving up for (I was saving for Miracle Ear’s Clearvation hearing aids for those that are wondering). I am just at the point where NO hearing aid is really going to be all that beneficial to me. My audiologist said now it’s really time to start looking into cochlear implant surgery. And so I did.


It’s pretty hard to see, but this is my audiogram from about a year ago. Notice all of the circles and x’s at the bottom, practically off the chart. Normal hearing would be above the speech banana. When I got my last test done a few weeks ago they said that it worsened a bit since this one. The cochlear implant may bring these numbers up significantly. My goal is to be where the number 30 is right above the line. I have seen many CI users go up to the 90 though. Isn’t it exciting?

Long story short — I’m going through with it. I do not have a date for surgery yet, but probably will after my next big appointment on November 5th. I have already been approved for it and my insurance company will cover the cost.

So what dos this mean in terms of my fundraiser and the money that has been donated to me already? Well, I’m pretty sure I don’t need the initial $4,000 I thought I did. However, I still have co-pays and fees which can quickly add up in cost. This is where the $200 is going to help me tremendously. While I do have a full-time job with PTO and great health insurance benefits, I still do not make all that much money at my job and the copayments and other medical fees can make things very difficult to afford. While I no longer feel comfortable advertising my fundraiser or asking for donations directly, I will continue to keep the fundraiser live and open for anyone who wishes to contribute to my fund to help me out with these copayments and fees. Every little donation helps tremendously and I can’t thank everyone enough for all of the help and support they have given me this far in the game.

I have created a new blog where I will be blogging about my experience with the cochlear implant. This is a life-changing surgery, so as you can imagine there are many things to blog about. From my history as a hearing impaired woman, to questions I have, to the tests and of course the actual surgery and activation. This will be a place to document my journey.  Feel free to follow me and my adventures at https://confessionsofadefdeafgirl.wordpress.com/ (There’s nothing there now but I will be adding my first post shortly so be patient).

And of course, thank you all for your amazing love and support!



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