Image Credits: Miracle Ear

I haven’t talked about my hearings aid fundraiser in awhile, so I wanted to make a post about it. I’m definitely still in the process of saving up and trying to raise money. I really hoped to have them when I got my tax return…however,  my tax return was far from being enough money to cover the expense. It did, however, help  me save money. I used my tax return for all of my purchases and left all of my checks collect in my bank account.

Presently I am almost at the halfway point. I need a total of about $4,000 and I have just under $2,000. I was really lucky recently and won a $200 employee of the week gift card drawing at work. This little bit will help me a lot. I’m once again using my cards for all purchases to let my checks add up in my bank account. Additionally, I became a freelance writer for my work which will give me a little bonus to my checks. I’m trying to tackle as many assignments as possible. More assignments= more money. My hands don’t appreciate this. Stupid carpal tunnel syndrome…

My parents both tried to take out a bank loan,but sadly were both denied.I haven’t tried yet but was told it was highly unlikely I would get approved. Especially since I don’t have much credit built up. America is a fun place. I could get a $20,000 college loan automatically…but when it comes to hearing aids…I’m on my own.

I believe I have until about November to get these. In November my warranty will expire for my current hearing aids making them inelgible for trade-in. Without trade-in credit, I’ll never be able to afford them. Now it’s just about working as much as possible especially with the freelance projects outside of work, looking into selling some things, and fundraising. If you guys could please donate to my hearing aid fund it would mean the world to me. Every little bit helps.