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I’ve been working as an Inbound Marketer for an SEO firm since September. I really love and enjoy my job. It’s always been my dream job ever since I first heard of the company. I’m actually home sick from work today and it’s killing me. I hate not working. I love my job so much that it’s always a pleasure to be working. It’s fun and challenging and never really feels like work.

Prior to getting hired, I worked as a cashier for Walmart. It was a lousy job to say the least, but it helped to pay the bills. I was a recent college graduate with a freshly earned BA in English, BA in Writing Arts, and concentration in Creative Writing. I had prior experience through work study programs working as a social media coordinator for the university. That experience combined with other things such as freelance writing and guest blogging definitely helped me to land my current job.

However, there is one person I owe all of my success to. Charlie Sheen.

You might remember back in 2011 Charlie Sheen partnered up with to offer a social media internship. This is when he was having that crazy meltdown, #tigerblood #winning thing. The whole thing was completely crazy, but I had to enter it. Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to work for Charlie Sheen?

I didn’t have too much social media experience at the time. I had just one internship in the past writing for, a job I didn’t necessarily enjoy. There was a little bit of social media involved in that position, but it wasn’t the main function by any means. But hey, you never know what you can do until you try, right? I was also still enrolled at Rowan University at this time. I discovered I hated journalism so I switched one of my majors to Writing Arts where I was beginning to study social media and how it can be viewed as a form of writing. It interested me greatly. I have also recently began working as a social media coordinator for the university. It was still new to me and a learning experience. I hoped it was enough experience to land me the job as Charlie Sheen’s intern.

So I entered the contest. The stakes were very high. There was reportedly over 80,000 people applying. The first round was easy. All I had to do was tweet my entry into the contest in 75 characters or less. I don’t remember what my tweet was, but whatever it was seemed to make an impression on the judges as I quickly advanced to round 2.

Round 2 was more about my actual skills and credentials. It was like a shortened version of a job application. More competitive, yet easier, than round 1. Once again, I quickly advanced.

In round 3 things really started to heat up. Round 3 was the toughest yet and the round where you knew you were one of the last ones standing. What started as an 80,000+ person competition was down to just an estimated 1-2,000 entrants. We tried to level up the competition and find each other on social media and see how we compared. If you look at my Twitter you’ll see I’m still on two lists: 1. TigerBloodIntern Round 3 and 2. More Lackeys (this list was people suspected of faking their acceptance into round 3 of the internship. I wasn’t faking — not sure why I was on this list…)


In Round 3 we had to make a YouTube video explaining why we should be Charlie Sheen’s intern. Getting the most views was very important, and also very difficult. Also, the video had to answer one of their questions. My question was “If you were the Social Media Director for a major humanitarian aid organization, how would you create awareness and raise money via social media in the aftermath of a global disaster?”

Uhm. I’m not sure I knew. I never thought of the power social media can have in situations like this. I tried to think of how it would connect to charities. I thought I had great ideas, but now looking back, I needed more of a plan or a strategy.

My video got a little over 700 views. That was big for me, but didn’t compare to my competition’s. I tried to connect with random people on Twitter for votes/video views. Some people were happy to help and are still my friends today. Others got very upset with me. I made a lot of mistakes while trying to get this internship on social media. It was definitely a learning experience. I learned the importance of building relationships with people on social media instead of merely begging for favors.

I think it’s safe to say I didn’t win the Charlie Sheen internship contest. But I did make it pretty far. I didn’t lose. I won greater things.

Life is really funny sometimes. See, this internship contest was hosted by I had to create a profile and submit my resume to their site and everything upon entering this contest. is totally legit. Shortly after this contest ended I heard from a company called They were having another contest in search of a social media intern. So here I went again…

To sum it up, I didn’t win that contest either. But I did become a successful textbook franchise manager for the company. I learned valuable marketing skills that helped me later in life. I also got to write some cool guest blog posts and make some great connections with people at the company.

My work at BookRenter was well recognized and it helped me to secure another internship with Cloud IT Guru where I wrote blog posts and other web content. This internship helped me to learn more about the tech world especially in terms of cloud apps. I was beginning to discover my passion for blogging, internet writing, and technology. I knew this is what I wanted to do with my life. I also began guest writing for Bit Rebels around this time. Another great experience that helped me to gain exposure.

All of these combined helped me to land my current role as an Inbound Marketer. have had great success in my current role writing for big websites such as Yahoo Finance, Care 2, and 

I’m not sure I could have done this all if it wasn’t for Charlie Sheen. I thank him for allowing me to drink from his Tiger Blood to become a #winning internet marketer.