Remember when Christmas break was actually called Christmas break instead of the all-inclusive “Winter Break”? Or how about when you could freely wish someone a “Merry Christmas” without having to worry about offending them?

I started to notice a shift when I was in high school and the name of the annual “Christmas Dance” got changed to the much safer “Winter Formal”. It seems like such a small, insignificant kind of change, but it means so much more.

Christianity is being censored all across the nation, and as Sarah Palin discusses in her novel, Good Tidings and Great Joy it’s only about to get worst. Other religious groups, atheists, and the liberal left are constantly pushing to have Christianity removed from not only Christmas, but well, everything.

As I Christian I have seen this happen many times recently. It’s frustrating. I feel as though I cannot freely discuss my religion on most occasions without being “wrong” or “offending” someone. It’s perfectly okay to be exclusive or to poke fun of Christians, yet it’s wrong for Christians to be well, Christians. Double standard, much?

Palin paints a picture of what’s to come in the future if we don’t stand up for our Constitutional rights and defend the Christian views of Christmas. She imagines that by the year 2028 when she visits her grandson at college Christian programs will be removed from campus for not agreeing to strict inclusive terms set forth by the university. Funny how a university (or anyone, really) that preaches about inclusion can be so exclusive to the Christian religion. She further imagines Christmas programs that are 100% removed from the Christian religion and focus on other elements including the commercialized views, or what at times seems even more horrifying, strictly scientific views of Christmas.

It can be easy to dismiss Palin’s predictions as being absurd or unrealistic, but the reality is all of her predictions have already been happening all across the nation. I chuckled a bit when reading about how she imagines by the year 2028 the religious freedom group would begin preaching about Saturnalia and encouraging individuals to remember the original Pagan roots of Christmas and even begin to accuse Christians of stealing the holiday. This sounds a bit insane, but truth be told, they are doing that. Right here, right now.

I grew up in the town of Pitman, NJ. It’s known for being a traditional, fairly conservative small town. A majority of the town is Christian or Catholic. They have held signs across towns from the Knights of Columbus for year that say “Keep Christ in Christmas”. No one’s ever really had a problem with them or at least never mentioned being offended by them in town as far as I know. However, the religious freedom group finds it offensive. Last year they tried to sue the town over the signs. This year they gave up with the lawsuit, but instead chose to purchase an advertisement that reads “Keep Saturn in Saturnalia”.

This is exactly the crazy nonsense Palin fears will happen in the future. However, I must commend Pitman on being less than accepting of the sign. I don’t exactly support the torching of the sign (yes, this is actually happening) but I appreciate hearing that people are still trying to stand up for their Christian beliefs and to protect the real meaning of Christmas (which I do not believe is the Saturnalia view, no matter how hard the religious freedom group tries to make us believe that…).

I know that people will be reading this blog post thinking I’m unaccepting of other religions and cultures. That is not true at all. I am accepting of all different kinds of people. I have a very diverse group of friends. I believe we should be accepting of others. But I feel like there are double standards. Palin wrote in her book about colleges and universities spending thousands of dollars to create foot washing stations to support the beliefs of Muslims and they are also rearranging gym schedules and times to allow females their own individual hours if they don’t feel comfortable exercising in front of men. All of this okay, but it’s unacceptable to wish someone a Merry Christmas or to call the break from school in the winter “Christmas Break”. Double standard, much?

I agree wholeheartedly with the views Palin expresses in Good Tidings and Great Joy. I know Palin gets a lot of slack from others, but I always found her to be a brilliant woman. She’s fearless, and in this novel it really shows. She says what she honestly thinks and feels and I truly believe many Americans, especially Christians, feel the same way even if they are afraid to admit it. Why are they afraid? Because they don’t want to offend someone? Sure, it’s important to be nice to people and to never deliberately offend them, but when you can’t so much as wish someone a Merry Christmas without worrying about offending them, then that’s a problem.

Our constitutional rights have granted us free speech and freedom of religion. Sadly, the liberal lefts are choosing to ignore the constitution and strip us from these freedoms. It is now our job to join the likes of Palin and others who value and respect their constitutional rights to protect not only the true meaning of Christmas, but our basic rights to free speech and freedom of religion. These constitutional rights are for EVERYONE. Not just non-Christians, as the  liberal lefts would like you to believe.