If anyone is feeling generous and would like to give me a really great Christmas gift this year, I’m accepting donations through a Go Fund Me page for new hearing aids. I started this fund a little over a month ago and have raised $105 so far. I’m off to a great start, but I still need to raise quite a bit more money. Hearing aids are expensive. My new set is estimated to cost a little over $4,000 (and that’s with a credit I’ll get for trading my current ones in!). I set my fundraising goal for $4,000.

As it is, I don’t expect to have the money to purchase the new hearing aids until about March after I file for taxes. I’m hoping to get them sooner. They will help me tremendously. A few weeks ago I had a hearing appointment with a hearing test. My hearing hasn’t changed too much. I still have about a 90% hearing loss across the board. I didn’t get any of the words right when she tested me for clarity. This has always been my biggest issue and with the new hearing aids my clarity should be a lot better. It will never be perfect of course, but whereas I normally have about 0% clarity, the new hearing aids should be able to increase it to about 35%.

To further explain my issues of clarity…most of the time when I hear things it’s like hearing through a clogged straw. I hear noises. Sometimes it’s VERY LOUD. But I can’t distinguish what it is. It just sounds like noise to me. Example – hearing songs and not knowing what they are, who sings them, or how they are supposed to sound. Or hearing someone talk and not being sure who is talking (if I can’t see them) or being able to tell whether or not they are talking to me or someone nearby. My life gets really awkward at times due to my lack of clarity. lol.

My new hearing aids will be coming from The Miracle Ear foundation. I’ve been with them since I was 17. Actually, when I first got involved with them I was issued a free pair of hearing aids due to lack of funds/resources and a dire need for new ones. My services with them have been great. After the initial first pair you typically have to upgrade every 3-5 years. I upgraded about a year ago. The pair I have now have always just kind of been okay. Technology has improved and the new ones are better gear for my types of hearing loss though. The ones I am looking to upgrade to I believe are called the Clear Vation.

Clear Vation Hearing Aids


Image Credits: Miracle Ear

The Clear Vation hearing aids are, in the words of my audiologist “AMAZING!”. They offer the clarity as I already discussed, are a great deal smaller, and what’s that…they have a WIRE instead of tubes to connect the mold to the device. Why is this so special? My ears get a lot of moisture in them. More than average (no one is really sure why.). When the moisture builds up it gets inside the tubes. The moisture then causes the tubes to shrink and harden. Think of the tubes like a straw. When straws get clogged they don’t work as well. A more narrow straw can get clogged more easily, making it harder to use. With my hearing aid tubes when they harden and shrink it becomes harder for the sound to come through and I can’t hear as well. I typically have to get new hearing aid tubes put in once a month. It’s a bit annoying to have to make monthly hearing appointments just for this reason. With the new hearing aids with wires this will no longer be a problem.

If any of you guys would like to donate to my cause you can by clicking this link: http://www.gofundme.com/506cvs . I can’t thank you enough for your donations. Every little bit helps; no donation is too small.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this, share it, and/or donate. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!