Okay so my mom’s been a bit frustrated with me this holiday season. I have a decent full time job and if I want something I buy it. This makes it difficult for her to buy me things for Christmas…I keep buying everything on my own. She also thinks some of the gift ideas I give her or lame or stupid. She keeps saying “You never tell me what you want!”. Since I’m a smart ass I decided to post a blog post with a guide for what she can buy me for Christmas. haha.


1. Bath and Body stuff from Bath and Body Works – Okay, it doesn’t have to be bath and body works, but they’re the best. I like to buy huge orders of the stuff and I always have coupons. The signature stuff is the best deal you can buy 3 get 3 free. That’s what I always get.  I have more coupons too. Ask me for them…I’ll act surprised lol. I like these in bubble bath or shower gel. Here’s the ones I’d buy for myself but I’m very flexible with this…








2. Calendars.  I don’t think you can buy me too many of them. Don’t buy me the large desk ones though as it will be too big for my desk. I like the tear off ones and I could use one of those ones that you hang up for at home. I don’t really care what’s on it  as long as it’s not totally lame.


3. Large post its.  I use them all the time at work but they keep shrinking…

4. Something I can use to hang things up with in my cubicle.  I want to hang papers onto my cubicle. I found pushpins in the office but they don’t stick through the cubicle walls very well. I’m not sure what other people do…

5. A cord to plug in my deaf ILY lamp when it comes.  They told me you can buy it at like Home Depot or Lowes or something.

6. Books. I can never have too many. Here’s the ones I am most interested in:




(Really anything by Sarah Addison Allen except for Garden Spells, The Girl Who Chased The Moon, or Sugar Fairy…I have those).








(Or really any Cecelia Ahern book except for P.S. I Love You, Love, Rosie, The Gift, If You Could See Me Now, There’s No Place Like Here, and Thanks For The Memories).

7. Something fun to do. Tickets to something different, gift cards for the tea place, etc.


8. The Betty Crocker Cake Pan I Was Supposed to Get When I Was Like 16 – I believe you owe me this from past Christmases…Amazon has it.




9. Clothes I could especially use sweaters or a new white long sleeved shirt since mine is not really white anymore. I also really like this TWLOHA shirt:



7. My rings resized. I miss wearing those. 


8. More charms for my bracelet. I’d really love a 7th infantry one if you could ever find it and a hashtag (number symbol). I’s like a panda as well.


8. New slippers.  I really like the ones that look like uggs.




9. Pretty much anything Big Bang Theory related except for the dvds since I have them all. Sheldon and Amy are my favorite characters.


10. Frames for my diplomas.


11. Surprise me!

That’s about all I can think of. I like quirky, unique things and I like surprises. Get creative, but not too weird. I.E.-Don’t let Daddy buy me another walking cane this year lol!