Christmas can be such a wonderful time for the hearing community. Christmas songs constantly plague radio stations, children get to visit santa and read their Christmas lists, Christmas movies are always on tv, and everyone is generally so happy and full of cheer. But what happens when you are deaf? Or more specifically, what if you are a deaf child who still believes in santa, but lacks the ability to communicate their Christmas wishes to him?


Unfortunately, many deaf children may never get the chance to sit on top of Santa’s lap and read him their Christmas wish list. The Santa down at the mall is getting paid to sit their and pretend to listen to kids. That’s about it. He’s not expected to really pay attention, respond, or do much of anything but feign happiness and cheer. He’s certainly not expected to know sign language and possess the ability to effectively communicate with deaf children in most cases.

However, this year deaf children in Austin, Texas recently had the chance to receive a bit of Christmas joy that they would normally be deprived of. The Barton Creek Square Mall in Austin, Texas appears to have hired signing Santa for this holiday season and the deaf children look thrilled! Check out the video over at!