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First off let me begin by saying Happy Thanksgiving! I have recently  been informed that not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving around the world (how sad!). Some countries, such as Africa, do not do Thanksgiving. Regardless of whether you’re having that big Thanksgiving meal and celebrating it with your family or not, I’m sure you still have something to be thankful for. Everyday we should just be thankful to see another day. Here are 5 things I’m thankful for this year:


1. My Family I heard a saying before that “With family you have everything, but without family, you have nothing.” I’m not sure who the quote was by, but it’s something that holds very true to me. My family is my everything and I would be nothing without them. My mom and dad are the two most important people in my life. Their love is immeasurable. They are always looking out for me, encouraging me, supporting me, and pushing me to succeed. They always believe in me even when I don’t believe in myself. I may not always listen to them, (although I should…they are always right), but I value their advice, opinions, and everything about them. They are very strong and I’m blessed to call them my parents.

2.My Friends I can”t thank my friends enough for putting up with me. haha. No really, I’m sure I drive them crazy sometimes. My true friends are very loving, loyal, supportive, and just great people. They always make me laugh and smile, offer great advice (that I should listen to more often), and are just fantastical  people. Especially since some of them taught me fantastical is a dictionary word now. 😉


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3. My Cat, Gizmo My cat is more like a son to me. I know that sounds really creepy probably, but it’s true. He’s always so excited to see me when I come home and he misses me when I’m gone or don’t have time to play with him. He tries to talk to me, he pets me, and is just the most loving, funny, awesome cat imaginable. He brings so much joy into my life. I couldn’t imagine not having him.


4. My Job A year ago I was working as a cashier at my local Walmart and I was completely miserable. I worked my ass off and all I got was a hard time. The work was not rewarding at all and I couldn’t wait to get out. Fortunately, this year I have an amazing job and I’m very happy. I love working as an Inbound Marketer for Webimax.com. Ever since I knew of Webimax this has been a dream job for me. I enjoy writing, marketing, working with SEO, and helping my clients. My co-workers and my boss are amazing people always willing to share their experience, new ideas, help, and advice to help me and my co-workers all succeed together as a team working towards the same goals. I’m proud to be a part of Webimax and extremely blessed to have been hired.


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5. My New Home After living in an old, run-down house where everything was broken in a bad area for 8 years, I feel extremely blessed to have my new home. I have learned to really appreciate the little things in life. I love having sinks that work now. I love having a washer and a dryer. I love having a dish washer. I love living in a safer neighbor where I can go for a run or a walk and not have to worry about anything bad happening to me. It took awhile for us to get to this point,but I know that god has really blessed my family and I lately and I couldn’t be any more thankful.


These are just 5 of the many, many things I’m thankful this year. I’m also thankful for you guys for reading my blog and showing your support. What are you thankful for?



First off let me start this post by saying Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it! I’m thankful to have all of you reading my blog!

In addition to today being Thanksgiving, it is also my friend Todd’s 27th birthday. But in my eyes, Todd will forever be 17.

For those of you who don’t know, Todd used to be a good friend of my sister and I. He grew up in the same town as me. Unfortunately, Todd committed suicide 10 years ago, when he was just 17. His suicide came as a complete shock to me and everyone that knew him and it was the inspiration for my novel, Escape.

I think about Todd every single day. Not just on his  birthday or the anniversary of his suicide. I never stop missing him or wishing that things could have been different. It never gets easier to accept that he committed suicide,if anything, it gets harder.

I think about how his life would be now if he never made that one bad decision that cost him his life. He would be 27 today. I imagine he’d be married with at least one child, probably a son. He would have made a great husband and father. He was a very loyal, defensive kind of person. I think about what kind of job he would have had. He was both very intelligent and hard working. I know he would have been successful. For some reason I think he could have been a successful accountant for a fortune 500 country.

Or maybe he wouldn’t have been an accountant at all. He was a great soccer player back in his day. I don’t see why he couldn’t have pursued that further in college and possibly even gone pro. Hey, anything’s possible, right? Who’s to say he couldn’t have been the next David Beckham?

Being Todd’s birthday, I am a bit sad today. Sad that he cut his own life way too short. That I can only imagine and play the “what-if” game about his life. His life ended before it had a chance to begin. No one will ever get to see him be that loving husband or protective father. We’ll never watch him be a successful accountant or pro soccer player. He’ll always just be that 17 year old student at Pitman High School.

But with today being Thanksgiving, I’m also feeling thankful and blessed. I’m thankful and I feel blessed that I got to know Todd during his 17 short years of life. I only wish I had more time to get to know him even better. I have been blessed to see Todd’s smiling face and to have worked with him as a camp counselor for one summer. I’m thankful for the way he acted as a friend to my sister, a supporter, and a listener during times when she felt she had no one. Todd was one of the best friends she ever had.

I’m inspired by Todd. His story is very sad and never should have unfolded the way that it did. But now I see just how short life can be. I’m inspired to make the most of it and to never give up. I’m inspired to take action against suicide…to encourage others to talk about it. I believe that if Todd had talked about it, the way he was really feeling (which was completely hidden from everyone), he might still be here. I’m inspired to work to make sure this never happens to any of my other friends in the future. One friend dead from suicide is far more than enough.

Happy Birthday, Todd. I know you’re looking down on us from heaven today. I just hope you know how thankful and blessed we all are to have known you. You made such a strong impact in your 17 years of life and I can’t wait to see you again some day.

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