I had an interview for an Inbound Marketing Position at an SEO firm called Webimax today. It took me a long time to figure out what to wear for it. I’ve recently lost a lot of weight so a lot of my old professional/business clothes didn’t fit anymore. I had to go to the mall and find something new.

While at the mall I found a couple different outfits that I liked. The first thing that caught my eye was a hot pink blazer. I tried it with some grey slacks initially, but despite the positive opinions from others, I didn’t really like the combo.


I needed something different. Perhaps white pants? I tried them but no luck — they were all either see-through or just plain ugly! As I was continuing to search for matching pants another blazer caught my eye. It was a bit fancier and more traditional looking in navy blue. What’s more is that there were a pair of navy blue slacks hanging right next to it. Perfect! I had to try it on!


I really liked the navy blue combination. It was very traditional and professional looking. Many of my friends encouraged me to wear this to my interview as it was a solid, safe choice. But I just couldn’t forget about that pink blazer.

I decided to try the pink blazer on with the navy blue slacks just to see how it looked. I was pleasantly surprised!


This was possibly my favorite combination! But I couldn’t decide whether to wear this or play it safer with the blue ensemble. I decided to buy both blazers and the pants and decide later.

So what did I decide? I decided on the pink blazer in the end. Less traditional and more bold/daring. Sure the navy blue ensemble was “safer”, but sometimes it’s good to take chances. I thought that the pink blazer showed more of my personality. I was confident, creative, bold, and maybe a little bit loud. I wanted to be seen — to stand out. I didn’t think I could achieve these things as well with the plain old navy blue suit. For the position I was applying for I think it was important to stand out and show more of my personality and creative side for this interview.


Would I suggest a hot pink blazer for everyone’s next interview? No, it wouldn’t work for just anyone. If you’re going for a teaching job for example it might be best to stick to the basics like the navy blue suit. But if you’re applying somewhere that really values creativity, and risk taking you may want something that helps you to stand out more. The key is to do research! Find out what the atmosphere is like where you work and  possibly the dress code. From viewing some photographs/videos on Webimax’s website I was able to see that the dress code was a bit less formal which helped to aid me in my decision to ditch the fancier/more traditional blue blazer. Webimax is also very innovative, bold, and daring, like my outfit.

My interview seemed to go over very well. Only time will tell if I got the job,  but I can say my outfit helped me to feel a lot more confident during my interview which I think is very important. I think it helped me to stand out too, I mean, who can really forget a girl that shows up in a hot pink blazer? 😉