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Remember FormspringThe social q & a site that allowed users to ask questions to other users while remaining anonymous? If you’ve forgotten about this now desolate website, we forgive you. While Formspring was all the rage a few years ago, it’s hardly gotten any attention recently. In all honesty it seems as though Myspace has had more success than Formspring lately.


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On March 16, 2013 Formspring announced plans on their website and through an e-mail sent to its registered users explaining that it would officially shut down on Easter Sunday, March 31, 2013. Founder and CEO, Ade Olonoh stated on the Formspring WordPress Blog:

While we’ve had great success in reaching a broad audience, it’s been challenging to sustain the resources needed to keep the lights on.

Olonoh also explained that users have no reason to worry about losing their data once the website shuts down. Users will be giving the option of exporting their Q & A’s until Monday, April 15, 2013 at which point all data will be permanently deleted. In order to export your data all you have to do is log in to your Formspring account and click the export button. Once your export finishes you will receive an e-mail containing a downloadable zip file of your data.

Formspring was created in 2009 and quickly gained millions of users. The website, while widely used, was not met without it’s fair share of controversy. The anonymity allowed users to use it as a way to bully others. In early 2010 fifteen year old Phoebe Prince committed suicide after being cyber bullied on an array of social networking sites including Formspring. Prince’s suicide had many wondering if perhaps an anonymous Q & A website wasn’t the best idea.


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What do you think about Formspring’s plans to shut down? Have you ever used Formspring? Will you miss it?