My second website conference with Dr. Wolff was immensely helpful. I realized one of my biggest problems was in font size/design. My font size was way too big for pretty much everything on my website and it was making things look really cluttered. I may also want to consider changing my font. Right now it’s Trebuchet, but I may want something a little bit more simple so it keeps it from looking too cluttered as well.

I felt the need to have my font size really big and to use colors throughout to make things stand out more, but it wasn’t really working. It just made everything look like a cluttered mess full of text and boxes. I am learning now to use the boxes to my advantage. By adding padding to the inside text and margins outside the box I can separate the different boxes and the text to make the content stand out more and not run together without seeming too “loud”. The orange titles look nice, but with the smaller font it can be difficult to read. I have been using the orange because it matches my blog, but maybe I should reconsider using black or another color or even a darker shade of orange.

My widgets were another problem. I felt like they were overbearing and taking away from my articles which I wanted to be the main attraction on my website. The GoodReads widget wasn’t really necessary. Twitter is important to have, but I may keep it off of the first page and just include it on all of the other pages instead. I think I should tweak with the code a bit to make it look more natural on my website though. Some other things I need to do with my sub-pages is delete the content on the About page and replace it with the content on the writer’s statement page, change the name of the writing samples page, and working on how the content is displayed. Professor Wolff suggested for my writing samples page to feature the articles with the title and date in order from most recent to least and to have that contained in one large box with the twitter widget off to the side. I think this may be a better way to display it so that it  looks less overwhelming and the text is easier to read.

I feel like I have a much better understanding of what to do for my website and what changes need to be made and why now. I feel a lot more confident about how to approach my website and I’m  eager for the final designs.