My website, despite going through drastic changes and having the feeling that it’s beginning to “come together” more is still a bit of a mess. There is still much left to do to make it look like a professional, responsive, emotional website that I can be proud of. With that being said, here are some questions/issues I would like to work out:


1. The text in the  boxes. Some of it is overflowing a bit and some of it is running over the pictures. I’m wondering if I should increase the width of the boxes, increase the height of the boxes, or so something to the text to fix it. I found a website that mentions for text overflow you may need to add some tags to css to prevent overflow such as :


<div id="myDiv">

#myDiv {


but I’m not really sure which one to tweak with.


2. Navigation bar. It’s beginning to be broken into a double-bar, which is a mess. I think I should adjust the size of the buttons or possible see about removing some of them to fix this.


3. Over-all layout on the index page. I want the feature articles to stand out more and the Twitter and GoodReads widgets to be more even and balanced with the rest of the page.


4. Writing Samples page: I need to do something about the Suicide and Avant articles to make the page more even. I need to either resize them or link to them on separate pages or something.


5. Contact page: Still debating on whether or not to keep this.