My website at the moment is a bit of a mess. There is still so much work to do to make it look more professional and responsive. The whole coding thing is a new, sometimes overwhelming experience for me. It’s a very complicated task and I want to not only have it right, but have it done well. With that being said, here’s a basic overview of what needs to be done:


1. Adding feature articles to front page: This has been one of the biggest challenges for me so far. I think I want two feature articles, unless I can’t find a Good Reads widget, then I might do three feature articles. I intend on including The Effects of an Unstable Household: Cutting Into Suicide and Infect Your Home With Flesh-Eating Monster Zombie Gnomes for my feature articles. I want to include header images in the smaller boxes on the page with text from the article in the bigger boxes.

2. Find a Good Reads widget. This sounds like an easy task, but I haven’t had much luck with it so far. If I can’t find one then I think I’ll just add a third feature article as mentioned above.

3. Adjust either widths of containers or font size. I’m having a bit of trouble keeping text in the containers especially for the Twitter widget. Something with that needs to be adjusted.

4. Add my name to the index page. Basic thing to do, but important nonetheless.

5. Add CSS to About page. For some reason it’s missing.

6. Possibly add an image to about page. Still debating on this.

7. Write a new Writer’s Statement. The one I have now is more of an autobiography. Might keep that, but I still need a writer’s statement. I’m debating on whether to post them both in the About page or separate them.

8. Tidy up the Writing Samples page, particularly for the Avant and Spotlight on Recovery articles. They need to be resized or linked elsewhere or something I think.

9. Figure out what to do with Contact page. I’m debating on whether I need it or not. I could list things like my email or possibly even post a direct link for that, my twitter, address, etc. I’m also considering adding a button but that could be posted just on the main page.


There’s still so much work that needs to be done on my website. It will take quite awhile to get through everything but I know that in the end when I have a professional, responsive website it will all be worth it.