As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I have been reconsidering my website design. I want it to be more simple than I originally planned. I created a new wireframe to reflect on my ideas, but I am finding it a bit challenging to put my ideas on paper. One of my biggest struggles is figuring out what to do with social media buttons (along with where to get them and how to implement them). I think I want them underneath my navigation bar. I just don’t want them to look too cluttered or random. My original idea of putting them in a box on the side seems cluttered to me now. I also considered adding them to the contact page, but I’m not sure if that’s a good idea or not. I want the fact that I do social media to be obvious and to stand out and if I put the buttons on a separate page it might hinder the effect.

I’m also afraid that the first page might be too empty. I’m having trouble finding the balance between keeping it free from clutter, but not oversimplifying it. I’m trying to just put a twitter widget and good reads widget along with a navigation bar, social media buttons, photograph, and short quote about my work on the page. I figure the other pages will be where the main, big pieces of information should go.