As I am exposed to more advanced forms of web design and see more examples of portfolio websites I realize that my original ideas may not be completely feasible. I think the key for a successful website that shows off my kind of work is to remain simple. I originally wanted my website to have a sort of social media type of feel to it. I wasn’t really sure what I meant by that, so I have been really looking and studying social media websites and trying to find out what things they have in common that makes them work. One thing I noticed from a design perspective is that they tend to be quite simple. There aren’t always a lot of things to look at; it’s clean, yet efficient.

Another thing, originally I wanted a book in the background. However, With my skills I’m not sure I could make that work the way I had planned. I began experimenting with the idea briefly as we learned about flexible images in class. I hated the way it looked in class with the simple book, yet if I used a real book I think it could be too distracting or difficult to read. I love my background/color scheme at the moment. It reminds me a bit of Twitter. It just kind of looks like a social media type of website. I think I want to keep that basic structure for now.

There are still a million things I need to change with my website. I’m debating on whether to make the personal statement it’s own page or not. But then what should I include on the main page? I think I’d still like to include the twitter widget and social media buttons, but this is becoming quite a problem for me. The twitter widget hasn’t been working very well…I want it to be smaller and on the opposite side…I just can’t seem to figure out how to make that happen yet. The social media buttons have been coming in a variety of styles which looks awkward…I want them to all be the same size and perhaps above or below a navigation bar. I’m not sure if keeping them boxed together is ideal anymore.

My image is another problem. I thought I wanted it in the upper left corner and to be small. Now I don’t know. If I take away the personal statement on the main page, it will get lost. Maybe I should make it large and in the middle of the page? I also want an orange border around it and to make it flexible. I put the code in for it, but it isn’t showing up. I can’t really seem to figure out why. This has been very frustrating.

One thing I am happy with is the incorporation of a writing samples page. I tried to include everything so that all of my different styles of writing  could be presented. Thanks to the help of my classmate, Michael Youngkin, I learned how to remove the bullets on the links to make it look a lot neater as well.

My website clearly needs a lot of work and I need to make a lot of decisions about what I want to do to it now. I should draw up a new wireframe. But first, I need to play around a bit to figure out what exactly I do want with my website. I feel like sometimes I want to do something to it until I see how it will look…then I change my mind.