I apologize ahead of time for the fact that I’m a terrible artist. My main goal in my wireframe is to create a simple website that combines both recent technology (social media) with “old school” technology with a book in the center. I really loved Carin Berger’s website that we looked at in class because it was simple, yet effective and I felt that it had a modern approach to old school technology such as postal services/hand-written letters.

I have been toying around with the idea of having the book as the center point of my website. I thought I could have it somewhat opened and feature links to other parts of my website on the pages. For example, one page could link to my resume, another to my personal statement, and so forth. My name will be posted on the book and hyper-linked to take users directly to my personal statement. My personal statement will then serve as the “first page” of my book, or in this case, website.

I want to try to keep the sides of my website simple so that it doesn’t become too cluttered. I’ll put my self portrait in the top left corner with maybe a short 2-3 sentence biography. I’ll keep the picture to about 200×200 size so that it doesn’t seem too overpowering. Underneath that I plan on creating a box full of my social media sites, with just the buttons for each one.

On the upper right corner I’ll post a small search bar so that users can navigate my website more easily and find something specific if need be. Underneath that I’d like to feature a scroll of my latest WordPress blog postings. I think this could help draw more people to my blog and encourage interactions as well. Underneath that will be a similar box, only featuring my recent tweets to once again encourage users to follow me on Twitter and further engage with my material. My footer will of course include the year and CSS/XHTML validation links.