Brand Name: Kimberly Erskine

Overview: My personality can be described as hard-working, but at the same time laid back and fun. I want my website to be fun for users but also show that I work hard and know what I’m doing in regards to my chosen fields. I don’t want to come off as being too amateur. I also want my visitors to think of me as being creative and innovative, ready to learn more about the latest forms of technology/social media. I want to show that I am punctual and always on top of things.

Personality image:


Since I am my own brand, I am also my brand’s personality. It only makes sense for my personality image to be of myself.


Brand traits: The traits that I want my website to portray are: 1. Fun 2. Creative 3. Innovative 4. Punctual 5. Laid-back. I want to avoid looking amateur but at the same time I don’t want my website to look or sound too mechanical. I want people to be able to see my content and say “Yes, I relate to this.” I want people to be easily able to connect with my website.

Personality map: I want my website to be extremely friendly so that users will be comfortable with the material presented on it. I don’t want them to feel overwhelmed or scared by the content/topics discussed on the website. I want to build connections and have information that people can relate to. I want to interact with my users and to make them a part of my website.

Voice: I want the overall voice for my website to be casual, yet professional. I want it to reflect the fun atmosphere that I’m striving to create.

Copy Examples: Success Message: “FTW! Your list has completed loading.” Error Message: “Epic Fail! Something went wrong, please try again.” Critical Failure: Oh no! We messed up! Please bear with us as we work on getting back up and running!”

Visual Lexicon: Color: I want my colors to be similar to that of most social networking sites. Nothing too bright or crazy, lots of blue maybe with a bit of red mixed in. Typography: Once again, I want the typographically to reflect that of a social networking site. It sounds as if a majority of them use simple fonts like tahoma, arial, verdana, and luicida grande. I could also look into possibly creating my font if at all possible as a lot of the logos feature custom made fonts. I want to keep it relatively simple, though. General style notes: Simplicity is key. I want it to look very clean, fresh, and organized in addition to looking positive and welcoming.

Engagement Methods: I think the key to my website’s design will be user engagement. I want users to feel like they can interact with me. I will encourage engagement by encouraging users to comment on my blog, maybe have a Q+A page, and showing lots of contact options. I also want to post content that can apply to a wide ranger of users in various settings so that it is highly inclusive.