The assignment to create a user persona based on the type of people I hope to attract to my website came rather easy for me. I have been interacting with many different people over Twitter since the summer and studied their habits and have begun to connect and create a little bit of a following that has allowed me to understand what kind of person I’d like to connect with and what these kinds of people have in common. Here is my basic user persona information:

Current job: Most of the people that visit my web site will be social media managers, bloggers, and maybe a handful of creative writers, free lance writers, and journalists, but focused exclusively on social media and blogging. Many of them will still be learning the basics of social media, SEO, and blogging and looking to connect with others to share tips.

Biographical sketch: The average user is a woman between the ages of 25-30 with a degree in marketing, publication relations, business, or communications. A few may have degrees in English or creative writing as well. Most of them have their bachelor’s degrees but a few have master’s and others are completely self-taught. They have worked for advertising and public relations firms in the past and may have done a bit of freelance work for a variety of businesses. Their hobbies and  interests include writing, social media, blogging, research, technology, and reading.

Comfort level with technology: Most of them are at a beginning level and looking for convenience. They want to produce quality content, but they want to do it quickly and efficiently. Most of them are unfamiliar with XHTML, CSS, and coding. Others may use software such as Dreamweaver to help. Almost all of them have their own blog on WordPress or have tried to make a WordPress centered website. They are all also very active on various social media sites, especially Twitter. They are also good with SEO and constantly trying to learn more in order to gain more hits for their websites and blogs. They are also constantly studying latest trends in social media, blogs, and apps. They are interested in Google apps, iPhone/iPad apps, and cloud applications as well.


How will they find my site: Most of these users will find my website by interacting with me on Twitter and other social media websites. Some may also find it through my blog. I think a majority of people will access it through links on Twitter or Facebook.


Their goal for using your site: Users will primarily use my website to connect with me and share ideas and tips on how to use social media for marketing/business, how to write more effective blogs, and maybe some creative writing advice as well.



This is my basic outline for who I think my ideal user for my website is. Of course I will be able to get a greater feel and sense of who my audience is once my final website design is complete, but I think this is a good start for now. Social media is beginning to play a very large role in who I am as a writer and I want my website to reflect on that and to attract an audience who is just as passionate about it as I am.



Image Credits: Digital Inspiration