Image Credits: HTML Firm


I am so excited to be taking Internet Writing and Studies class! I know that this course will be highly beneficial to my future career. I am a little unsure of what to expect with this class especially being that it is a graduate course and I am still an undergraduate student, but there are many things that I am hoping to learn. One of the main things I want to learn is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is something I’ve only recently discovered. When I started to write articles as a guest writer for this summer, Diana Adams, the company’s editor and global advertising director, told me a bit about it. When I write for Bit Rebels there is a strict format that I need to adhere to. This includes adding many photo captions and keywords. I often have my titles changes and articles tweaked for better keywords and SEO purposes. Sometimes they tell me they have to change a word for SEO purposes (example, they changed hard of hearing to hearing impaired in an article I wrote about how Apple’s new iPhone is using technology that will benefit the hearing impaired community and how they are planning a social media network for the hearing impaired as well). This is the part of things that I don’t always understand. I would like to learn more about how that works — how to tell which words will rank higher for SEO, how to choose keywords and use them strategically without inhibiting the quality of content.

As far as web design goes, it’s all pretty much a whole new world for me and I’m eager to learn everything I can about it. When I was younger I used to make basic html layouts/tags for a website called and also a backstreet boys fan page that specialized in just adding photographs. I’ve seen some basic things like [image=linktoimagehere] or [background=24r3322]text[/background]. Based on what Karl Stolley said in his book How to Design and Write Web Pages Today my knowledge of html is very basic and a bit outdated. It sounds as though html is broken into two parts now: xhtml and css. This scares me a little bit, especially the css part, but I am definitely eager to learn it all. I would love to learn how to do my own coding. When I write posts for Bit Rebels I use WordPress. If I go to the html view I see a bunch of codes that at the moment I don’t really understand. I would love to be able to look at it and know what it is that I’m looking at. This would especially be helpful if something doesn’t work right. Now if something doesn’t display right (it’s almost always an issue with pictures of video) I leave it alone and have Diana fix it for me. I would like to learn how to fix things on my own. I would also like to possibly learn to code for things beyond basic blog posts.

To once again use the example of Bit Rebels, I love the way their website looks. It’s simple, yet efficient and matches the site’s theme very well. Another thing I like is the “widgets” they use and the way they add buttons to connect with the writers through social media channels. This feature is so helpful for building a following. I would love to learn how to put those things on my own personal website. Through Bit Rebels I have begun to grow a bit of a following on Twitter and even Facebook and would like to continue to do so on my own without just relying on Bit Rebels.